the Eclectic So. Cal.

A hot, dry patch of dirt in San Juan Capistrano became a garden that is friendly to dogs, scented by the unique native Baccharis plant, and guarded from the noise of close neighbors.

Conservatory & Woodlands

Located on a deep corner lot which faces a main road, this design had to provide privacy without tall fencing, avoid casting shadows on the solar roof panels, and place a covered pool in a small area. Avoiding the usual pool cage and kidney-shaped pool, a partially above-ground pool with brick-and-stone fountain features were placed inside a brick conservatory. Vast swaths of sun-baked lawn are replaced by native and exotic plantings that attract wildlife, while the large new trees are planted far enough from the house to allow the roof solar panels to gather energy all day.

spring in the desert

A typical suburban plot was wholly transformed into a resilient desert garden. All turf grass was removed and an aged backyard pool demolished to make way for a desert setting of decomposed granite. A dry creek bed wends under a small footbridge (which raises the walk above a tangled mess of live tree roots) and spills out into the front yard, where patches of flowers and grasses cluster in the shadows of boulders. A meditation garden fills the backyard.

The Paneled Garden

A small condo backyard with a thin band of soil, a concrete ditch, and a short cinderblock wall, the clients wanted an inexpensive DIY that wouldn’t demand too much hand-watering. The old concrete patio was covered with modular IKEA wood deck tiles and the wall was given a structured appearance by alternating decorative metal panels with thick morning glory vines. A cement-glue and wire trellis was attached to the end walls for the ambitious morning glories to take over.


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